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171 to 161 pounds in six days, all by taking out my Mirena. Yeah I’m done with hormone birth control for a while

Weight down to 163. So glad I got the IUD out…

stupid mirena

So anyone with the mirena gaining weight, wondering if it’s them…probably. had mine removed and have lost eight pounds in two days. 19 to go to be back at my healthy weight.

A lot of ridiculous life stuff got me fatter than I’ve been since high school. 165 pounds. From now on I will be logging food, exercise, and weight every day until this is fixed and I am once again 140 pounds or less.

Mirena IUD in in December. I’ve gone from 152 pounds and losing weight to 166 today. So frustrating. Drinking 75 ounces of water a day. Today I start calorie restricting diet (1500) and I’m going to strictly do cardio five days a week and weight training three days. Here’s hoping

HabitRPG — pretty cool for gamers with goals

So I saw HabitRPG on kickstarter today. I had never heard of it but it’s already a website and the owner is trying to make it a mobile app. Anyway you input your habit goals, your daily goals, your to-dos and when you do well you earn points and rewards (that you set) and when you do bad you lose hp. Pretty interesting.

900 cal binge — what a way to start the day

Well I won’t be eating anything but grapes and water for the rest of the day. Cookies, deli wrap, and french fries have filled up most of my calorie quota in the first two hours of being awake. Freaking A.